New Designs!

Pressed Tin Panels is happy to announce FOUR brand new designs now available!

Check them out Below. Please excuse the photos, professional ones coming soon!

The Clover:
For more information on the clover design please click here.

PressedTinPanels_Clover_Close4 PressedTinPanels_Clover_Repeat1 PressedTinPanels_Clover_900x1800_SplashBack_BrightWhite

The Carnivale:
For more information on the carnivale design please click here.

PressedTinPanels_Carnivale_Repeat4 PressedTinPanels_Carnivale_Repeat1PressedTinPanels_Carnivale_Profile

The Wildflower:
For more information on the wildflower design please click here.

PressedTinPanles_Wildflower_Thumbnail PressedTinPanles_Wildflower_TopPressedTinPanels_900x1800_Wildflower_900x1800_Dado_Dune_InternalCorner


The Links:
For more information on the links design please click here.

PressedTinPanels_Links_Thumbnail PressedTinPanels_Links_Close4 PressedTinPanels_Links_Profile