Charlotte- Kitchen Splashback- Silver

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Kim and Tania, of Eager Beaver Maintenance in Swan Hill NSW, used the Charlotte design to create their ultimate pressed metal kitchen renovation.

“We thought by renovating it by extending the kitchen benchtop and installing new stone benchtops, new pressed tin as splashbacks and features, new floorboards and repaint the cupboards it would change it dramatically – which we think it has and we love it!”

Not only did they use the design within their Splashback, the continued it throughout, using it as the counter front and around the main beam! As they wished to achieve the “raw” metal look they have placed a clear coating over the panels to protect them from splashes.

As first time installers, they followed our installation instructions, available here, including that amazing job folding around the beam.

“When it came to folding the pressed tin around the metal support beam in our kitchen, we looked at the pattern and worked out that we wanted it to fold around each corner with 2 diagonal corners having the cuts.  To explain this if you drew a square and then used a ruler to create a diagonal line across which in turn would make 2 triangles across the beam.  We had two people to hold and then bend around the beam (husband and wife – husband being the strong man to bend the tin).  We did it in 2 sections as we were using remaining tin from the off cuts.  We lined up the pattern to fold in half and then bent the tin around one face of the beam in one direction and then bent the tin around the other face of the beam in the opposite direction.  Repeat.  When it came to attaching it to the beam we used liquid nails and hid the joins away from line of sight (i.e. main entrance door and where people are sitting – see photos to explain).”

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