Original – Black & White Bathroom

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Wendy from Boorowa in NSW supplied us with some photos of where she has installed our products. She also gave us a fabulous background story and testimonial. Read her words below.
She installed the Original pattern at dado height in black gloss powder coat with the Barbers Pole Border in white powder coat on the top to trim.

I had a builder do my home.  He had never used pressed metal before – I think he may have been in contact with you regarding process.  I know the powder coating was done by Young Powder Coating….

I remember my builder being shocked when I first told him that I would not be having tiles in the house – he wanted to know how I was going to have a house without tiles (I suffer terribly from OCD and can’t cope with grouting that comes with tiles as you can never clean it properly) – I said I would use vinyl on the floor for the wet areas (the rest of the house has wood and carpet) – that is the black and white check on the floor that you can see in the bathroom photos and that I would have pressed tin for all the splashbacks (bathroom, ensuite, laundry, kitchen, butler’s pantry). 

I just love the powder coated pressed tin – it is so easy to clean; especially behind the stove.  Cooking tomato sauce (like Bolognese) – no problem – I simply wipe over with a sponge that’s been dipped in dishwashing water; easy peasy.  Sometimes I spray with a solution of water and vinegar (the same as I use on the granite benchtop and stove) and that gets rid of any smearing that may remain.  Everybody who sees how easy it is to clean, wants it!