Original – King Single Bed Head

Panel Size:
– 925mm x 1840mm or 3ft x 6ft approx.

– 620mm x 1840mm or 2ft x 6ft approx.

–  470mm x 620mm or 1.5ft x 2ft approx.

Pattern Repeat Size:
– 152mm x 152mm approx.

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Sale not final until full PTP invoice received and confirmation made.

Dorothy rang and enquired about a bed head for a king single, hydraulic bed – we figured an adjustable, free standing assembled bed head would be best in this situation -that way she can move it around if necessary.
We took a few photos in the showroom before Dorothy & Bill came to collect it – see also the ‘in-stu’ photo sent in one it was in place.

Hi Mardi,

We managed to get the bed head out of the car and upstairs. We decided the bed head looked much better in this position than under the window as it is more visible and certainly makes an impact when entering the room.

We love it!

Dorothy and Bill

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A quick photo in the showroom before it left.


The Kin Single bed head as it sits in it’s new home