PressedTinPanelsMudgee Sable Asteroid BarFront
Pressed Tin Panels Mudgee Sable Asteroid BarPressed Tin Panels_Mudgee Sable Asteroid BarPressedTinPanels_Mudgee Sable Asteroid BarFrontPressedTinPanelsMudgee Sable Asteroid BarPressedTinPanelsMudgee Sable Asteroid BarFront

Paddy’s Hotel, Bathurst NSW

The Mudgee design featured on the counter and bar front’s in a powder coated Dulux Sable Asteroid.

Product Description

For more information on the Mudgee design, click here.

Paddy’s Hotel

234 Gilmour St, Kelso NSW 2795
Phone:  02 6331 1975

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