Stormriders Stores NSW – Original

New Panel Size Available!

Panel Size:
– 925mm x 1840mm or 3ft x 6ft approx.

– 620mm x 1840mm or 2ft x 6ft approx.

–  470mm x 620mm or 1.5ft x 2ft approx.

Pattern Repeat Size:
– 152mm x 152mm approx.

Product Description

With nine stores through out NSW, Australia –Stormriders have been using our Original pattern in the fit-out of their stores since opening their first outlet in the central city of Port Macquarie in 2010.
They use the pressed metal on the store facade’s and internal features.  Stormriders is a contemporary youth apparel store with a slant for boardriding.

Checkout the Stormriders stores in the following places: Forster, Tamworth, Dubbo, Port Central and Settlement City in Port Macquarie, Kemspey, Orange, Bathurst & Armidale.

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See installed photos of the Bathurst store below:


Stormriders store in Bathurst



Stormriders store in Bathurst


Stormriders store in Bathurst

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