The Nelson Hotel, Bondi Junction – Awning

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In 2013 Pressed Tin Panels® was involved in the restoration of the footpath awning at the Nelson Hotel in Bondi Junction NSW.
The original pressed metal was decaying and falling apart. The design was very similar to our existing Bondi pattern, so with some creative pressing adjustments we were able to create the pattern required. We decided to add this alternate design to our catalogue and aptly named it the: Bondi Nelson.


The Nelson Hotel, Bondi Junction NSW many years ago

Image above: Depicts the Nelson Hotel as it was many years ago- under awning in terrific original condition


The Nelson Hotel damaged awning

Image above: Before the reno! After many years original pressed metal starts to rust and deteriorate


Pressed Tin Panels Bondi Nelson pattern as created for the Nelson Hotel NSW

Image above: After the reno! Pressed Tin Panels® patterns are pressed from aluminium which means they won’t rust and deteriorate


The Nelson Hotel in Bondi Junction NSW as it is today

The Nelson Hotel in Bondi Junction, NSW as it is today.