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About our Company

Pressed Tin Panels® is an Australian, family owned & run business that has which has been selling directly to the public since 1999, and manufacturing since the mid 80’s – we are located in Bathurst -Central West NSW selling Globally.

  • Pressed Tin Panels® was founded by Racquel Graham who is still the CEO of the company today. Racquel is always happy to talk directly to all clients.
  • We are proudly recognised by the Australian Made campaign as an Australian Manufacturing and owned business.
  • Our specialty is in the reproduction of old pressed metal ceilings, which originated in Australia by Wunderlich Pressed Metal in the late 1800’s and ceased trading in the early 1950’s. We are proud to be able to be manufacturing these original Wunderlich masterpieces.
  • Here at Pressed Tin Panels® we specialise in the latest technology available on the market to product the highest quality products available in the market.
  • With the use of special grade metals, we pride ourselves in being able to achieve a high standard of pattern impression, design consistency and accuracy – in all metals that we press – aluminium, galvanised, copper, brass and zinc. This allows for ease of installation, overlapping, cleaning just to name a few.
  • We can reproduce any original pressed metal section and we also do custom designs.
  • We have over 100 years of combined experience, allowing us extensive knowledge associated with many areas of building, residential and commercial projects, historical restoration, design, and reproduction advice. With this experience and access to our varied backgrounds we strive to provide the highest quality service and product information available.
  • Pressed Tin Panels® is a registered, Australian business name. The term ‘PRESSED TIN PANELS®’ is a brand name – it is not a description of the product. We press in all forms of metal none of which are actually tin! When you are shopping for pressed metal products, ask for the Pressed Tin Panels® brand to ensure you receive quality.
  • We have 60+ distributors throughout Australia and New Zealand in which you can contact or visit for product information, price details, stock levels etc.
  • Our company had a proud association with TW Ingham up until 2010 until they ceased trading in pressed metal. They become a distributor of ours in the early 2000’s as they believed their products couldn’t continue to evolve with the quality of products, we were bringing to the marketplace. Their company decided to join the Pressed Tin Panels® team.


Pressed Tin Panels® is the registered trade mark of Pressed Tin Panels Pty Ltd.  The business of Pressed Tin Panels Pty Ltd and products and services offered and sold under or by reference to our company’s Pressed Tin Panel® trade marks are in no way associated or affiliated with Australian Pressed Metal Pty Ltd t/a Sydney Pressed Metal, Adelaide Pressed Metal, Melbourne Pressed Panels and Perth Pressed Panels and/or Wunderlite Reproduction Panels or these businesses’ products or services.