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DIY Videos

Kitchen Splashback Installation

Feature Wall Installation

Cornice Installation

Cutting Holes using Tin Snips

Cutting Straight Edges using an Angle Grinder

Cutting Cornices using an Angle Grinder

Bathroom and Wet Area

Installation over Existing Tiles

Cutting Straight Edges using Tin Snips

Cutting Corners using Tin Snips

Cutting Borders using an Angle Grinder

Other Videos

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FAQ: Folding Powder Coated Panels properly

Pressed Metal features by Pressed Tin Panels®

Pressed Metal Restoration Project at the Uniting Church, Sydney NSW.

FAQ: Overlapping Powder Coated Panels

 Video Testimonial by a Pressed Tin Panels® customer

How to clean Powder coated panels in a bathroom

How to Clean Powder coated panels in a kitchen

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