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Pressed Metal in New Homes

Thinking of using Pressed Metal in your space but worried about it not working? This post is for you. 

A common misconception about pressed metal is that it can only be used in restoration projects or old homes. This is far from the truth.
Of course it can be, however, it is also perfect for new homes and renovations. 

Pressed metal is very versatile. The most common applications include, Splashbacks, Bathrooms, Ceilings & Feature Walls.
In high use areas such as the kitchen, laundry or bathroom, we recommend a powder coated finish. This protects the aluminium against fats, liquids and oils that can absorb into the raw metal.

Check out some of these beautiful new homes!

Acorn Classic White

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Not only are our panels beautiful, once powder coated, they are super easy to clean. With a simple spray (e.g windex) and wipe, they can be clean in minutes. No abrasive products should be used.

The use of pressed metal in a shower recess is also very convenient. Save those hours spent cleaning grout by installing our panels.

We would love to help bring your pressed metal dream to life. 

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