Lizards – King Size Bed Head

Panel Size:

– 925mm x 1840mm or 3ft x 6ft approx.
– 620mm x 1840mm or 2ft x 6ft approx.

Pattern Repeat Size:
– 203mm x 203mm approx.

Product Description

Lovely Marnie came into our head office/showroom looking at getting us to build her a king size pressed metal bed head for her – she chose the Lizards pattern with the ever popular Egg Border and the Egg & Large Plain Border Rosette Large.

Learn more about our pressed metal bed heads here.

The finished product was stunning! She even let us into her house to take photos of it in place! Here are some kind words from Marnie herself:

Thank you so much for your help with my bed. Couldn’t be happier with the bed or the team at Pressed Tin Panels!

Kind Regards,


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Click here to go to the Egg & Large Plain Border Rosette Large product page.



The stunning bed head in place in Marnie’s bed room.



The bed head has added significantly to the room




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