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Original- Kitchen Splashback- White Satin and Copper


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The lovely Linda from NSW has created a beautiful kitchen splashback and has since gone on to complete the BBQ area at her work and inspired her sister in law to complete her bathroom! “Looking for my next project for Pressed Tin now! Love it.”

Linda provided us with some fantastic feedback on just how easy the panels are to install! Scroll down for more.

“I’m a 60 yr old woman with no carpentry knowledge and I installed it myself!” and “If I can do it anyone can!”

“I love the product, how it looks and how easy it is to install!” 




Within her main splashback area, Linda chose not to use a border to edge off the panels at the top and completed all the corner folding herself on installation. For our installation guides click here.

She certainly has done a fantastic job. And here are her words on just how she did it;

“It was nerve racking at first to bend however I just followed the YouTube video. Moderately scored it at the back then put it on a table to bend. The table had a round edge so I put a right angled piece of timber, the width of the metal piece , on the table then gently bent it starting pressing in the middle. As soon as it was getting close to a right angled bend , I used a upholstery hammer to gently bang just below the scored line to encourage the full right angle bend on the scored line. An upholstery hammer has a small nylon head for hitting tacks in. If you don’t have one of these a light weight hammer will do if you bang it on to a folded towel along the edge.”