UniCote® LUX Original


Panel Size:
– 925mm x 1840mm or 3ft x 6ft approx.

Pattern Repeat Size (as displayed top image):
– 152mm x 152mm approx.

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The Original design is by far one of most popular patterns. It features a floral and star embellishment pattern repeat that is full of nothing but grace and class. The Original design was reproduced and named thus, by Pressed Tin Panels® due to its popularity in the early 20th century; the time of the Wunderlich revolution plus the sheer allure and elegance of the design. The Original design is part of Pressed Tin Panels® primary set and is now available in UniCote® LUX.

UniCote® LUX is a hot-dipped Aluminium/Zinc/Magnesium alloy coated surface, rigorously tested to Australian conditions, meeting both scratch and fire resistance testing requirements in Australia.

Using state of the art coating systems, UniCote® LUX offers a luxury pre-painted patterned steel, allowing us here at Pressed Tin Panels® to push creativity in new and exciting directions. Weathered Iron is a trending pre-painted, textured pattern used in high-end architectural aesthetics.

The Original design in UniCote® LUX is suitable for a wide range of wall, ceiling or splashback installations both inside and outdoors as there is no need for additional painting or clear coat. Suggested usage includes: kitchen splashbacks, bathroom tile alternatives, counter and bar fronts, feature walls, outdoor installations and many more.

Original 152mm x 152mm pattern repeat:

Unicote® LUX Original Panels

Original full panel 925mm x 1840mm approx:

Unicote® LUX Original Panels 925x1840