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Can you cut and fold powder coated panels?

Yes, powder coated panels can be cut and folded.

See below for our video how to guides.

If you have powder coated Pressed Tin Panels® aluminium panels ordered direct from us: the manufacturer, you can be rest assured your product is of high quality.
High quality brands of powder coating finishes are flexible and cutting or folds can be achieved if the recommended tools and methods are followed. The temperature of the powder coated panels and cutting environments does need to be considered.

We cut powder coated panels in Bathurst, NSW all year round and in the Winter time temperatures can reach to -10 degrees.
Prior to cutting in cold conditions we suggest warming up the panels: be that in the sun, in a heated room or manually by using a hand held heat gun. If you are working in colder environments we recommend to perform a test cut first. Alternatively we have some cutting services available Please contact us to ask about our cutting services.

Folding Powder Coated Panels


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