Powder Coat Colours

Powder Coating is a professional thermoset coating that exhibits decorative and durable characteristics. It is the recommended finish for Pressed Tin Panels® aluminium or galvanised panels when they are being used in areas that are highly exposed to both internal and external elements. Examples include but aren’t limited to:

Residential & Commercial Kitchen Splashbacks:  Cooking fats/grease/oils/liquids etc.
Wet areas: Bathroom walls, shower recesses, laundry splashbacks – water/soaps/makeup/body fats plus weather extremes.
External: Gable ends, awnings, BBQ areas – All weather conditions.

You can order powder coated panels direct from us or through your local distributor. Alternatively raw panels can be purchased and taken to a local powder coater. – All Pressed Tin Panels® aluminium products have been put through an acid etch cleaning process. Your powder coater may also repeat this process prior to coating.

Pressed Tin Panels® galvanised panels do not go through the acid etch cleaning process. If you purchase Pressed Tin Panels® uncoated galvanised panels they will need to be acid etched prior to any form of coating be it powder coating or painting.  Ask your local powder coater about this prior to getting your galvanised panels coated.

**Our regional powder coaters  predominantly use the Dulux brand of powder coat ranges, however colours within the Interpon & Oxytech brand’s colour ranges are also available. **

**Please note samples supplied and images on our website representing brands and colours may vary in colour and brands available at the time of purchase. Please contact us directly for the most up to date information**

If the colour mentioned on our website is not listed on the colour charts please contact us. The colour may be an older name, however may still available or a close alternative can be suggested.
Pressed Tin Panels® currently keep in stock, two particular designs in selected Dulux powder coat colours:

Patterns: Original and Clover
Colours:  Dulux:  Bright White (Original only), Classic White.

Stocked quantities are limited but are available for quick ordering. Please contact us to check current availability 02 6332 1738.
**IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Some ranges within each brand are not available due to regional ordering constraints. To avoid disappointment, we highly recommend you check your preferences with us, prior to making your final choice. In most instances alternate colours, brands or coating suggestions can be supplied or arranged. Colour samples or chips may be available on request either from ourselves or direct from suppliers. For more information on colour selection and pricing  please contact us via the form below or calling 02 6332 1738.

Please refer to the links below for more information.

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Oxytech Website –  Visit the Oxytech site & view contact detatils

For more information regarding Powder Coating, including colour range and availability, please contact us.

White, Cream, Neutrals & Brown Examples
Green Examples
Blue Examples
Grey, Silver & Black Examples
Reds & Bright Colour Examples
*Colour of panels specified may appear different due to photography lighting. If you require a sample of the colour please request one prior to purchase.*