Egg & Large Plain Border Rosette – Under

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Rosette Size:

– 77mm x 78mm wide approx.

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The Egg & Large Plain Border Rosette- Under features an intricate floral design and is suitable for use with the Egg & Large Plain Border. The Egg & Large Plain Border Rosette- Under is used to create a finished end on a mitred border corner. It has a flat edge to enable more panels or borders to be installed up to it. It can be used on both ceilings & walls and can be painted or powder coated in a myriad of colours.

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See below for profile example and information.
Please note that all leaves are hand made, therefore variations will occur.

Product Specifications:

  • The rosettes are made from a mill grade aluminium that is approximately 0.55mm thick.
  • All of our products are treated with a non-chromate treatment which prepares the surface for subsequent priming and painting or powder coating.
  • Painting or powder coating is recommended as without it panels are porous and surface scratches may be present as a result of the manufacturing process.

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Egg & Large Plain Border Rosette- Under full design:

Pressed Tin Panels Egg & Large Plain Border Under Rosette

All information and dimensions that are provided is a guide only. Professional paint specialists should be consulted prior to painting and appropriate building codes must be complied to. Pressed Tin Panels Pty Ltd holds no responsibility for incorrect use of this product.



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